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 Bats in Paris' Belfry ?

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Nathan Unless
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MessageSujet: Bats in Paris' Belfry ?   Dim 8 Nov - 21:55

Amazing !
Beautiful !
I love it !
It’s not the first time I come to France but I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower before. I was in the south, St Tropez, Nicia playa, in the north, in the west, the east, even the middle but never, never in Paris.
But there’s a beginning to everything, isn’t there ?
So, today is the 15th november and I am under the Frensh symbol. Alone.

Actually, if I’m in Paris it’s because tomorrow I’ll meet the Headmistresse of Beaubâton who wants to organise something between our shools.
I belive it’s a good idea ! Especially because it’s allowed me to take some holidays. I’m a very busy man you know ! I do a so wearisome job !
That’s not like if I had a secretary who did all my work ! Nooo...

But that’s not the point.
What matter now is that’s I’m in Paris, just next to a foot of the eiffel tower and, how lucky I am, there’s not so much tourist !
I’m able to walk down the place without hit anybody, that’s wonderful !

I look at the top of the metalic tower a moment, then I go to the Champ de Mars.
The weather is’nt as great as I’ve excpeted. It’s cloudy, the wind makes the trees dancing *_* And I’ve the feeling that it’ll snow in a moment, but nothing’s more sure.

I look for my cigaretts and when I find them I remember that’s I have forgotten my fire at the Hotel.
Silly Nathan.
I look around but nobody seems to be a smoker... but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right ?

So the cigarett in one hand I go asking for some fire with my ... my ... marvelous accent :

- S’il vous plaît, monsieur, avez vous du feu ?

Easy sentence, I didn’t make mistake ! I’m proud of myself. Let’s see the men’s reaction.
Please allow me to introduce myself
Im a man of wealth and taste
Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
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Jade Patterson
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MessageSujet: Re: Bats in Paris' Belfry ?   Mer 3 Nov - 0:08

    Here I am. Paris, I love you. I always loved Paris. I can't say the same thing about the whole country but Paris is one of my favorite city. After London, of course. And I didn't have time to visit France except Paris. It is surely favouritism towards big cities. I don't like villages, it is only a good place to kill idiots in peace. Anyway, now, no villages, no killing, only myself and Paris. Isn't it wonderful ?
    In fact, I think the reason why I am here is completely stupid, but I had to do it. Paris is the city where I chose to get married and if it is a pretty good memory, we all know the consequences. So, I had to have another view of Paris in my head and not the one of my ex-husband. Stupid. I know but I had time, Matthew is taking care of Axel and I didn't want to work those days. One day, I will be fired by Nathan and I will deserve it as I'm not doing things well. I do bad things in a pretty good way. I love it. But Nathan loves me too much to fire me. Or not. Anyway, as I didn't want to work, I imagined some plans to take Hogwarts and those stupid students \o/. First plan : they always organize some masked ball for Christmas or maybe Halloween. It's true that I didn't care about all of it but I figured it's a good time to scare people. And okay, for now, I don't have a second plan.
    Well. Let's get back to Paris. I must not think about those things. I came to see the Eiffel Tower and there it is !
    Let's go back to London, now ! I don't want to stay here. I'm suddenly angry, but I don't know why. Am I loosing my mind ? I guess I have already lost it. Too bad.
    Someone is touching me @_______@ . Calm down, do not kill him. He just wants to sell you some souvenirs. Oh, a little Eiffel Tower ! How cute, Axel will love it *-*. No. No, I would die if I bought something to that man.

    « I don't want your stupid things, go sell it to idiots tourists. »

    Now, I'm bored. Just think that some years ago, I loved Paris. Not anymore. I don't care about Paris. Goodbye Paris. Hello London. But before, I have to eat some croissant. I'm going to sit in one of these patisserie and I will eat \o/. Good plan, I know.

    Just look at you. Eating like that instead of killing the ones who deserve it. What are you doing ? You foolish thing. You have to get out of that place. This is not the time to enjoy life. You have enjoyed life enough, haven't you ? Now, get out.

    My conscience is right. I put what I was eating on the table and walk faster and faster to arrive at the Eiffel Tower. One last time. I won't go back to Paris. Never, I think. I don't have time for it, it is not my role.
    I'm gonna walk just for few minutes. I don't know why people think Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Stupid people. I'm walking and I feel cold, now. As always, I'm dressed with a skirt. Sometimes, I can also be stupid. Anyway, let's walk.
    I see Japanese people with their cameras, some english businessmen, women with a lot of bags, travellers... I'm walking and then I hear a typical english accent, a poor english who is trying to speak french. Certainly, I'm not better. I know the voice so I hide myself behind a tree and watch.
    I want to laugh. I'd like to. But I had better to run away because I know someone who doesn't want to see me. And I don't want to see him. Conclusion, if I ran away, everyone would be happy. But, it would be the contrary of what I love doing. I have to see my greatest friend, Nathan Unless. Here, in Paris. I don't know why, proof that I don't do my job. At the beginning, I used to do it. Not now anymore. He was talking to a man, this one just went with a poor smile on his face. I'm sure he didn't understand what Unless asked him. Those french people.
    I can't resist.
    I walk to him and smile.

    « Nathan, I'm glad to see you, here, in Paris. Or not, in fact. Get to the point, your accent is amazing ! It sounded like a japanese cow which was eating some butterscotch. Wonderful and... so romantic. »

    Sorry Nathan, I can't resist. I smile again and think about what he could have asked, the only word I heard is « feu ». I take a glance to his hands and see cigarettes. Oh ! I see. I rummage through my handbag and find a lighter – Sand's lighter, in fact, I stole it from him – and cigarettes. Then I light my cigarette and ask in a smile:

    « By the way, what did you ask to that man ? »

    Poor you, you want to smoke, I do it for you.


    One more murder in this town
    Don't mean a thing just lock your doors
    And drive around ♣
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Bats in Paris' Belfry ?

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